Mailchimp Breach

On January 12, 2023, we were notified about an unauthorized breach of Mailchimp, a communications tool WooCommerce uses to send emails to customers who have opted in. Our account is one of 130+ that appear to have been impacted by this security incident.
This breach may have resulted in some of the information you’ve shared with us, including your name, store URL, and email address, being exposed. No payment data, passwords, or other sensitive security information is part of this breach.
Your store and customer data have not been impacted by this incident, nor have your or accounts. This was not a breach of or
What happens next?
There is no indication the person who engaged in unauthorized access to Mailchimp has taken any action with the exposed information. However, we are contacting you out of an abundance of caution to alert you to that possibility in the future. We have confirmed with Mailchimp that our account is secure and follows all security best practices, and are working with them to better understand the cause of this breach and what they’re doing to prevent similar incidents in the future.


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